“MegaChance” is a competition for foreign applicants of AlmaU, which has been held annually since 2014. The competition is focused on graduates of colleges, schools and universities and provides an opportunity to win a 50% discount or a 100% grant for studies in undergraduate and graduate programs.

In 2019, AlmaU provides 300 grants and discounts for foreign applicants in the framework of the competition.

For the period of the competition since 2014, more than 100 students won grants. They are from countries such as
 • Uzbekistan
 • Tajikistan
 • Russia
 • Kyrgyzstan
 • Turkmenistan
 • Mongolia
 • Mali.

1 step
2 step
Make your portfolio until June 10

1) ID / passport
2) Certificate (average score) (if you haven’t received a certificate yet, send your grade sheet or academic transcript).
3) International language certificates IELTS, TOEFL (if available)
4) Letter(s) of recommendation
5) Certificates for the last 2 years (major achievements in various fields: studies, sports, creativity, social life, etc.)
* Note: The language of the letter of recommendation must match the language department you have chosen.

3 step
Record a Video Essay until June 10

Bachelor program: 1) Tell us about your personal achievement which is not related to your studies, but means a lot to you.
2) We know that in your life you are busy with many necessary things, tell us about something that you do just for pleasure.
3) Tell us about your environment; for example, your family, school, community, city. How has this environment shaped your dreams and aspirations?
4) Describe what you are very passionate about. What makes this hobby so interesting for you? (hobby, personal project, etc.)
5) Why did you choose Kazakhstan and AlmaU for your education?
Master program: 1) Describe the problem you have solved or which you want to solve. It can be an intellectual challenge, a research inquiry, an ethical dilemma — everything that matters to you, regardless of scale.
2) Describe achievements or events, formal or informal, which marked your transition from childhood to adulthood in the context of your culture, community or family.
3) If you had to give a talk on TED talk, what would you talk about?
4) Describe the environment in which you collaborated or interacted with people whose experiences or beliefs are different from yours. Analyze your initial feelings and how these feelings were or were not changed by this experience.
5) What do you think Master's program in AlmaU will give you?
You must: post your video on facebook or instagram or mark almau_edu account with hashtags: # megachance2019 #хочувalmau
Preferable: creative and innovative approach
* Technical requirements for Video:
Video format - MP4.
Duration up to 3 minutes.
ATTENTION! “Selfie” format is not accepted by the contest commission.
* Note: The language of the video essay must match the language department of your choice.

4 step
Fill in the application form and send us your portfolio and video until June 10
5 step
Complete an online interview. (June 17-20)

After reviewing your portfolio and video essay by the Competition Commission, and in the case of a positive decision, you will be assigned an online interview.
The interview will be conducted in the language you have chosen for the course of study (selected language department).

Shakhnoza Kadyrova. Uzbekistan, 24 years old - 1 course, Finance, English Department.

I came to Almaty for my friend’s wedding and realized that I want to study here. I liked local people, they are very similar in appearance to Uzbeks. I visited all universities, KIMEP, KBTU, SDU. And also came to AlmaU, went to office 123 and I was so warmly welcomed. They said: "Sit down, we'll explain everything." I realized that a normal university always welcomes visitors. Even when you go to visit and you are beautifully greeted, always hunt to return to this house. They showed me the whole university, laboratories. And I thought that it was possible to build a career here, since the university has a career department. Then you can go to Europe. AlmaU is not a stop, it is an opportunity. And I thought: this is mine! I was told about “MegaChance” contest. And I took part in it and won.

Aboubacar Fadjigui Kemenani, Mali, 22 years old – 2 course, Finance, English Department.

My incredible journey at Almaty Management University, I believe that coming in AlmaU was the best decision that I made. So far, since I have arrived in Kazakhstan because AlmaU makes me feel home, every second I spend in this amazing environment surrounded by creative students and tremendous professors who are willing to help students anytime. What I enjoy the most about AlmaU is our student life and all the great events they organize after exams to entertain students, after going through a long period of stress while preparing for exams. AlmaU gave me an idea of what I need to work on to be successful such as tackling challenges, being punctual, meeting deadlines and stay organized. I strongly believe that you should pursue a career that you love. This experience really helped me discover subjects that I am passionate about and AlmaU is making my dreams come true.